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For the past almost 20 years, we have labored and ministered in Appalachia, ranging from Northern Appalachia to Southern Appalachia, with our central area of ministry in Central Appalachia.  Many children have respiratory problems, likely related to the long time of mountain top blasting by mining companies.  Fine particulates of minerals are dispersed into the air as clouds which blanket some mountain sides and valleys.  With so many raised in poverty, the children do not often receive proper medical care.  These children have many health problems, but when a epidemic or pandemic like H1N1 swine flu or other flu viruses reach these areas, they bring great sickness and once pneumonia comes, without quick medical care, most will die.  Our associated ministers and we have provided blankets, pillows, clothing and necessities as well as medical transportation for those who are sick that they may be transported to receive medical care.    Through the prayers and contributions of so many friends throughout our home base area, the South and throughout the United States, we have provide this outreach and ministry to the “children of the mountains.”  Want to help the needy of Appalachia?  Email us:

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