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Our many thanks to Rev. Tony Loeffler and his faithful ministry to Cuba over many years.  He introduced us to the needs and to the precious people there and we have worked together with Tony and with other ministers in Cuba to assist and to minister directly to the hurting churches.  Many churches throughout the beautiful country of Cuba participate and welcome the ministry and outreaches there.  We are continuously working to improve the lives of the precious people, especially the children and elderly of Cuba.  Through the donations of wonderful friends in the U.S., we have brought many items needed by the needy there.  Your prayers for the continuing outreaches and ministries in Cuba are much needed.   An old truism slightly altered:  “When America catches a cold, Cuba has the flu.  When America has the flu, Cuba has the pneumonia.”  Help us help those in great need in Cuba.  The father of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, has readily admitted that the revolution is not working for them any longer, so free market solutions are slowly being implemented.  If you desire a list of items, please email us for the mailing address and an emailed list:

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