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Dr. Langlois has preached and ministered since he was a child and more so since his late teenage years.  During a Baptist Summer Vacation Bible School held near his home in Baton Rouge, once the teacher did not arrive for class.  After many minutes of waiting and no teacher arriving, the young preacher opened his Bible and began to read the Scriptures and explain them to the children.  The pastor of the church walked around the halls looking into the classrooms.  To his astonishment a young boy was teaching the children.  He paused to listen and he heard the Word of God being presented.  He listened further and decided not to interrupt.  Later he asked the young preacher to travel with him to the State Convention and preach there.   Known as “Saint” at his high school, for his preaching and reading of the Word of God, and preaching often at “free speech alley” at LSU and other universities, Dr. Langlois has ministered the Word of God now almost 50 years.  He worked with and under Dr. Hubert “Holy Hubert” Lindsay and Apostle A. E. “Earl” Eccles, his pastor and apostle.  His pastor anointed him to follow in his footsteps and a few years later Dr. Langlois traveled to India where Apostle Eccles had traveled and ministered in some years before.  Dr. Langlois ministered in most of the states of India ove the next few years and saw multitudes come to Christ and the Lord minister many signs and wonders, healings and miracles.  He also labored under and worked with his father who was the founding bishop of Present Truth Ministries, Inc.  Through the generosity of his father, Bishop Horace Langlois and his mother, Winnie Wesley Langlois, Dr. Langlois was able to build more than 50 churches in Nepal and India and in turn those churches built churches where today there are over 200 churches in those areas of the world.

Dr. Langlois continues to minister in churches throughout the United States and throughout the world. If you are a pastor or in similar leadership in a church and you desire meetings in your church, please email us at:
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